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Important Equipment and Accessories in Photography


Do you love to shoot just about everything you find wonderful? Are you planning to pursue a career in photography or start your very own photo studio? Well, if you are among the many photo fans who want to go into photography, then you will need to prepare and be determined to attain your goal of becoming a competent photographer.


Becoming a professional photographer can be difficult. It takes time and perseverance to become among the highly regarded and in-demand professional photographers. An ambitious photographer needs to buy and study the different photography equipment that he will use in recording amazing photos. Moreover, skill in photo editing is also essential.


There are actually 5 photography gear and accessories that are important for professional photographers.


1.    Camera
Some photographers film while other shooting using a DSLR camera. DSLR is somehow more popular now compared to film but both types produce great images. With DSLR, you can choose between a full frame sensor and cropped sensor. There are also many things to consider such as resolution, size plus the price. Compare prices and features before picking one.


2.    The len's
A competent photographer has at the very least 2 lenses and the lenses he uses normally depends on what type of photography he is into. Zoom or telephoto lenses are brilliant for capturing pictures from far away like when in weddings where couples are exchanging vows. Macro lens is right for individual shots of nearby items/ subjects.


3.    Tripod
A tripod can give balance for your camera in order to avoid shakes. Less camera shakes can help make photos look sharper.


4.    Batteries
Extra batteries are important when covering a function. A professional photographer must always bring fully charged batteries so he can capture plenty of special events.


5.    Lighting Diffuser
Lighting is critical in photography. Sufficient light is needed to take great images. Too much light like light from flashes ought to be minimized using a lighting diffuser.


Once you have these equipment, be sure to practice how to use each so you can get the wonderful images you desire.


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Useful Photo Applications for Android Smart Phones


Many of us used to think that it is not possible to become good in taking photos with only a mobile phone at hand. But then, as a result of modern technology we now have it is amazing to find out that it is possible to catch brilliant images using a camera phone.


You can also find some photo editing software now that can help make pictures look more fantastic. Here are several photo editing programs that a lot of photographers have in their android smart phone.

Manual Camera
This is a great program for someone who would like to have more professional looking images. It is best with Android 5.0 Lollipop and offers features that can be set to make pictures look better. You can adjust the shutter speed, focus, white balance and exposure.


Google Camera
Google Camera is an easy to use app that has the ability to generate high-resolution panoramic images. It is regarded as the best to use this year 2015. This application runs in mobile phones with Android Lollipop operating system. Google Camera is simple to use and manage and it is user-friendly according to some owners that have used it. You don’t need to be an expert to produce great images. 


Camera Zoom FX
This editing and enhancing software has a variety of settings and features that users would definitely like. It has various shoot modes that are interesting for photographers use and practice. Some of the shoot modes they can use are snap shot, multiple shots, steady shot, timed, and even a voice activated shoot mode. Camera Zoom FX comes with photo editing options like color effects transformation. 


Camera360 Ultimate
Camera360 Ultimate is recognised as the most well-liked photo editing software for smart phones. It features a lens-filter system which can be used before taking any shots. Additionally, it has a passport photo option giving you the ideal clear image for passport usage. 

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Factors to Consider When Planning Your Beach Wedding


Wedding ceremony by the beach is a really romantic wedding setup that a great many couples would want to have. But then, not all who picked a beach wedding were able to go after it. Some of those who pushed through with a beach wedding were not able to arrange it effectively. There are many elements to think about before finally setting up your mind to having a beach wedding.

If you’re getting married soon and you’re contemplating of having a beach wedding, we have tips to help you plan for this intimate wedding setup.


1.    Secure a permit if necessary


If you’re setting up to hold the ceremony on a public beach, you need to obtain a permit from the local government. For weddings on a private resort, a local permit is not essential.


2.    Give all necessary information to the guests


Make sure to notify your attendees that the wedding ceremony will be on the beach and that they should dress appropriately. You can suggest for them to use sandals or flip-flops in preference to high heels. Tell them also to bring a hat, sunglasses, cover and sunscreen if your wedding will take place on mid-day. The best time though is at sundown so if possible pick to have your wedding  late afternoon.


3.    Check the weather and prepare for the worst.


Dependent on on what time of year your wedding will occur, you need to be geared up for any weather crisis. You can setup some tents or have several umbrellas ready. Speak with your wedding manager into having an area where guests can brush off sand from their feet if they want. Don’t forget also the beverages particularly if the weather is inviting.


4.    Add a flooring


Set carpet or a flooring on top of the sand so the seating  will not submerge in and it will be much easier for the guest to walk.


5.    Wear a cool, light wedding dress.


Bride should select a light wedding dress so she will feel comfortable during the outdoor wedding ceremony. Groom should also wear light fabric clothing. For the hair, you can let it free but make sure to add some pins or hair accessories at the front part to keep hair from covering your face.


A beach wedding is a relaxing, intimate and unique moment. Make it successful and significant by organizing everything. Ask help from your wedding coordinator to reduce the pressure on you.

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Safety Tips for Newborn Photographers

Safety Tips for Newborn Photographers


Newborn photography is actually a fun and fascinating type of photography. You'll be enthralled by the charm and innocence of your model - a newborn baby.  Lots of parents today hire a competent newborn photographer to take shots of their baby so newborn photography could be a great business for photographers like you.


The newborn pictures you take are going to be saved by parents ready to show to their kid when he/she gets older. Some of these images will be shown on the living room and bedroom therefore it is significant that they will like the photos you shot.


Taking photographs of newborn is certainly not easy. You can't give directions to the little one so you will have to adjust and know the right way to handle newborns. Safety comes first when taking care of babies specifically in a photo shoot. You have to make sure the baby is comfy and happy.


Here are a couple safety tips to keep in mind when taking photos of a newborn.


1.    Check the blankets and props before using.
The blanket and props that you'll use should be clear of dirt, dust or pointed objects. You don’t want the baby to get hurt so you must check everything before laying the baby on the blanket or any props. Ask also the mom and dad if the baby is sensitive to a specific fabric.


2.    The baby should be full and in deep sleep.
A baby should be fed ahead of the photo shoot so he or she will be in a very good mood and he can sleep well. A hungry baby can’t sleep well and is easily upset thus making it tough to get the shots you want.


3.    The room should be sufficiently warm.
Warmth is important for a newborn so make sure the room for the photo shoot isn't cold. Ensure that it stays warm so the baby will feel at ease.


4.    Have the mom or dad remain at least one foot away from the baby.
There must be someone near the baby while you are taking pictures especially if the pose is a bit difficult. You wouldn’t want to endanger the baby, right? Ensure there is a person near should the baby by accident rolls over or cries.


To make the most out of this newborn photo shoot, it's advisable to take macro shots of the baby’s face and distinct body parts. The parents will be delighted to see these pictures.


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The Right Props to Get for Newborn Photography


Lots of expecting mommies today are already planning to hire a newborn photographer to take photographs of their cherished new child once he or she arrives. Both mom and dad are eager to save images of their bundles of joy so later on they can show these pictures to their child.


As a photographer, you need to satisfy your clients’ needs and expectations. You would like to create exceptional images that will surely melt the hearts of anyone who sees them. Newborn babies are precious and look very angelic. If you have the right gear and props in Newborn Photography then you could surely make more fascinating shots of this innocent baby.


Aside from having a reliable camera and set of lenses, you additionally need to buy props that you can use for creative newborn shots. Here is a list of props you should consider buying.


1.    Bean bags
These bean bags are useful in raising a baby to a better position when laid down. Ensure the bean bags you obtain are smooth and free from small, pointed materials. Check it before using.


2.    Blankets and wraps
Babies love to be wrapped. Buy blankets which are attractive yet soft and smooth. The blankets and wraps must be clear of dust and dirt that could cause allergies to the baby.


3.    Hats, ties and headbands
Hats are wonderful accessories to make babies look more beautiful. Pick hats with fantastic designs and those that are soft. The hats or bonnets must not make the baby feel uneasy. Select one that looks good on the baby yet safe to use. Small ties look fantastic on male newborns while headbands will certainly make female newborns look more pretty.


4.    Baskets
Baskets, buckets and other alike items can help you produce more creative images. Don’t forget to add weight at the bottom of these items so it won’t tip over. The baby’s safety is your topmost concern.


Those are only the essential things that you should start buying. You can check out other photographers’ websites to get ideas on what other objects to buy for newborn photography.